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Psychic Tarot Class

Come spend the day learning about the tarot cards and using them during a reading with your psychic abilities. This will be a one day event from 12am-5pm, bring a dish to pass if you would like!

This session will be on November 15th, 2014 from 12am - 5pm and costs $75.00

All classes will be held at Laura's house at 1297 Spring Street Ext, Groton, NY 13073.

To sign up please email: lauramainville@gmail.com or Call: 1-607-898-3051

Akashic Records (Past life's Records) Classes

The Akashic Records are an energetic imprint of every thought, action, emotion, and experience that has ever occurred in time and space. When we learn to connect to this energetic imprint we are filled with love and understanding. 
The classes will have lectures and exercises to help you access these Akashic Records.

This session will be on November 22nd, 2014 from 11am - 5pm and costs $50.00

All classes will be held at Laura's house at 1297 Spring Street Ext, Groton, NY 13073.

To sign up please email: lauramainville@gmail.com or Call: 1-607-898-3051

We look forward to seeing you then!

Please call today at (607) 898-3051 or email me at lauramainville@gmail.com today to schedule a reading. I am also available for house parties, working with the bereaved and phone readings.

Please keep a watch on my website, where I will be announcing upcoming events and workshops.

 Please share this information with all friends and family! We look forward to hearing from you!

 Blessings, Laura

I have dedicated my life to my family, friends and my psychic work or what I call my spiritual life.  I have met wonderful people along my journey.  I have had many experiences that are out of the ordinary.  I have come to a point of writing my story ha ha.  I have a beloved friend and many others who are going to help with this.  I was asked for many years if I would write about my life and experiences that I have had.  Now I can; for my life is quieter and I am much more settled in my life with my children and grandchildren and Great grandchildren, J.J. and Julia (now you see they call me G G). Soon I hope to post some pictures of them on this website.

Laura Mainville Biography

I have dedicated my life to my family, friends and my psychic work or what I call my spiritual life. I have met wonderful people along my journey. I have had many experiences that are out of the ordinary.

In 1967 – 1969, I began to develop my psychic ability through classes twice a week. When I became more open and attuned to the vibrations of the universe, I began to share my knowledge and started teaching my own classes on psychic development Along with teaching I was also traveling to do psychic fairs and doing readings out of my home. For the next twenty years this was my life, continuing education, helping people through my readings with all aspects of their lives, raising my three children and loving my wonderful husband Norm.

In April of 1987 I founded the Psychic Centre of Ithaca, NY. This was a place where I could hold classes, conduct readings and sell various books, stones, tarot cards and other items that pertain to the psychic field. I continued my work at the Psychic Centre for two and a half years. During this time I was a frequent guest on radio and TV in Ithaca on the Casey Stevens Show and in Binghamton on the Bill Parker Show. In 1988 I received my own television show ‘Psychic Calls’ where viewers could phone in and I would answer their questions. I won an award for Education for my work on this show. I also became regularly involved with producing and promoting many psychic fairs around the area.

I was asked by Ithaca College to come and work with the students. While there I was helping the students to understand what psychic abilities were and how to develop them. I did this between 1984 and 1989 twice a week. I also participated in many fundraising and community events, which I truly enjoyed.

In 1989 my husband and I moved to Trumansburg, NY. While there I began my study in Native American Cultures and had the opportunity to create my first Medicine Wheel in my backyard. While in Trumansburg I continued to teach, do home readings and began the Celebration of Doorway 11-11-11.

1992 was a very important time in my life as I had my first channeling experience. This lead to the creation of Tyme Channeling. I did many channeling sessions over the years which inspired me to create my first book ‘Healing Meditations of Tyme’. I included many of my different channeling meditation sessions in the book to help individuals relax, meditate and receive information on their own. Tyme Channeling produces information to help people live an everyday life. I am also in the process of writing two more books, a biography of my life and a self-help book from Tyme Channeling.

I decided to move to Binghamton in 1993 to be able to reach out to more people. I continued to do more psychic fairs, classes and home readings. In 1995 my husband and I decided on a quieter life with our family and moved back to the Ithaca area. I have been continuing my education, teaching classes, doing psychic fairs and home/phone readings.

Over the years I have used many different marketing skills to bring people to my business. I look forward to continuing to draw from those experiences as well as learning new ways to invite people to learn, grown and use their own abilities.

Laura would like to share her response to a recent email about developing your abilities:

I would be glad to help you.  But I will be honest you are the one who has to do the work I can only guide you with my abilities.   I will not be starting a new class right away. I will notify you when my beginner class starts. 

Now,  I would suggest that you start meditation as this is the only way to develop your abilities.  You must do it in a positive manner. If you are negative you will receive is negativity from yourself and others. This lends to a lot of headaches for you and others and you will never make a big income from this type of work if you choose to work at it. 

 Well. That's the basis to start with and you must keep your self protected from negative influences, by surrounding yourself with a light-light this is the white light of Jesus The Christ. The other thing I would advise is to repeat this affirmation as many times a day and night as needed.  

I close myself to all that is evil and undeveloped I open myself to all that is pure and holy.  I ask that nothing but good shall come to me.

 You can also use the Lords Prayer to help and guide you because with this you are asking for help and guidance in all you do. One thing I really need to impress on you is you are the key to what you are doing. If you are working for good you will receive good and give off good to others. 

 Please note that my fee for readings is $50.

If I did not help you I am sorry and I pray you find what is best for you.     Good Luck, Many Blessings, Laura

Readings are done in person or mail,
Please call today and schedule a visit to my house (607) 898-3051
If by mail I request the following:

Mail me your phone #

Picture of yourself

$50.00 Check.

When I receive the above I will call you and make a appointment for you reading. After the reading I will mail you a cd with your reading on it.

Please note I have been using this method for our out of State clients for years and this has worked very well.

Can be done in your home if you live about 20 miles from my home in Groton.

It has been suggested if you and a group of 5 would like to rent a motel room in my area I would be glad to come and do the party there.

Channeling could also be done in place of readings. Ex:  I go into a deep meditation and a energy called Tyme speaks thru me.

Questions can be answer through my e mail  lauramainville@gmail.com.


    1297 Spring Street Ext. Groton, NY 13073

     Phone (607) 898-3051
    E-Mail Lauramainville@gmail.com Website www.lauramainville.com


"Your sincerity, commitment to your fellow human beings and determination to be true to your calling, all indicate the presence of God's Holy Spirit."

"I would say Tyme energies prove that understanding, knowledge and wisdom are eternal."

"You exude the love of God's Spirit and send it to each person, and on that, you can place no value because it resides beyond valuation. It is life itself."

"Thankyou so much for you time and extraordinary skills that contributed to the success of our Psychic Fair. We deeply appreciate your generous contribution and the wonderful way you interacted with the students during the common hour."